Nzyma – ReduVirbact

Inhibits (the growth of) harmful bacteria

Bacteria are microscopical small organisms which can survive on their own, feed themselves and manage to multiply rapidly.

Harmful bacteria are a pantogen (causer of disease) for plant and have growth inhibitory or even a significant bad effect on the harvest or growth of the plants.

Reduvirbact is a product that is won from a special flower and seed extract which have a stong inhibiting effect on the growth of the bacteria.

From various pharma- and clinical trials it is proven that certain extracted phytochemicals from flowers and seeds, such as Casia Fistula have a strong antibacterial effect, without causing a negative effect on the on the actual plants.

ReduVirbact has for example a very strong inhibiting effect on Pseudonomas aeruginosa and Escherichia Coli.

The actual clue behind the operation of Reduvirbact is that the ingredients of this product work together and strengthen eachother. One of the ingredients consumes the harmful bacteria and the other prevents that they are able to multiply rapidly.

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