Nzyma – ReduMycet

Resistable against mildew

To find a safe and non toxic pesticide for humans, animals and at the same time to have a positive effect on useful insects is a big challenge. All of us want the protection of the environment, our families and our food, but most of the non-chemical products only have a limited effectiveness.

But is that really the case in the long run?

A product which works in symbiosis with a plant and restrains a patogene population would be more sustainable in use than a chemical product against which resistance appears.

How does Redumycet work: Redumycet is a safe product and leaves no dangerous residue at the bottom and dininishes the effect of Fungi and prevents mildew on plants.

Redumycet is an extract from plantseeds and contains very effective substances which prevent the fungis in such a way that it is not poisonous to insects, birds, fis hand bees.

It has been proven that Redumycet can be easily applied to young plants and will be effective for 1-3 days on the surface that has been treated.

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