Please let us introduce our company to you

House of Inventions B (HOI) is a company that is specialised in developing products fort he well/being of humans, animals and plants.

Within the company there is a lot of expertise in breeding vegetable crops, specialising in tomatoes, sweet peppers and hot peppers. Further to this we are specialised in the development of natural pesticides, such as: virusses, whiteflies, thrips, mildew, Aphids,leafminers and other insects, plages and fungies.

HOI is a very innovative company with a complete way of thinking of its own. We think out of the box and develop wonderful new concepts and work solely with natural products.

We also develop new concepts and products for third parties and we think we can also assist & help you in your search for possible sales partners in our large national and international network.

Arie van der Windt

My name is Arie van der Windt, my profession is plantbreeder.

After having worked for a very large seed producing company as a breeder of tomatoes and various other vegetables for over 20 years,  I have started to apply my knowlegde of breeding for biological and natural defensive cultivation.

Besides the development of new vegetables, at the same time I have started developing products that meet the strong requirements of nowadays and are based on proven characteristics of plantextracts. These substances can strongly contribute to a new and “chemical-free” way of breeding to get a maximun effect from the plants, which amongst other things expresses in stronger defensibility and a higher production by using the natural defense and producing favorable substances.

Randy van Polanen Petel

My name is Randy van Polanen Petel, I have over 20 years experience in the multiplication and propagation through tissue cultures. I am a very experienced sparringpartner for you in the field of efficient and safe breeding of plants.

Roel Huisman

My name is Roel Huisman, with over 20 years of international experience in the field of management and marketing of healthproducts for humans and animals. Over the years I have build up a large network with raw material suppliers, researchers and buyers and I am specialised in connecting all these contacts enabling us to scientifically support and market the wonderful products developed by Arie for House of Inventions BV.My role for House of Inventions is to support Arie and Randy and take care of the organisation of the company.

After a non-committal appointment and a “product-scan” we can together decide what various trials/tests can be done in order to get an objective picture of the situation. After this trial fase you will have gathered enough data in order to decide well-adviced which new next step in your valuable logitical chain you will be taking, in combination with the use of our products and services.