Nzyma – ReduSan

Makes sure that insect pests such as thrips and aphids get no chance to grow explosively. In combination with Nzyma ProGrow it increases the disease prevention which will the effect of your treatments even increase.

ReduSan is safe natural product with a strong bioactivity resistable against different larva stadia and full-grown insects.

From trials it is proven that ReduSan has a strong resistable effect against various types of Aphids, but also Thrips and white flies.

Redusan contains extracts of bark, fruits and roots of selected plants and trees with a proven effect on insects.

Redusan can combat the population, but also cause a disturbance in the reproductive cyclus of the insect.

Redusan can influence the hormone system of the insect causing them thee at less and be a lot less active.

Redusan can be used in a ratio of 5-25ml on 1 liter water.

When a it is needed as a pesticide, a higher concentration needs to be used.

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