Symbiosis With Nature


You are what you get….This thesis we can apply to everything that grows, adding a healthy dosis of specific matter at a specific moment is absolutely crucial, so too when rearing (nurturing) plants.

When the plants have no pressure or low pressure they can utilise their energy in the correct manner to grow and become stronger.

During trials it was proven that when plants are encounter ilnesses or plages, these plants will react by producing specific substances, in other words: the “immune system” of the plant is activated to combat intruders. By speedy and powerful use of this plant specific antibodies the plant wil defend itself in a natural way against these illnesses and plages.


We utalise the many years of knowledge gathered from breeding plants to help support the excisting cultivations (plant defense) in order to make new breeding methods possible.

Chemistry inadequate

Besides the regular plages and fungal diseases more bacterial and virusdiseases occur. As a reaction to this we use plant specific matters in order to combat the viruses and bacteria.

Hygiene remains very important, but in combination with our plant specific ingredients we will make sure of a manageable cultivation together with you.

The drawback of using disinfectant and chemical crop protection agent is that in many cases they are only effective for a very short period of time and they only kill that part that has been touched. Therefore the population is put under too much pressure, resulting in the remaining pathogen developing resistance faster.

If our approach and our view of the “plant-nature” appeals to you, our advisers would be glad to make a non-commital appointment with you.